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Thierry LeVasseur

Entrepreneur, Computer & Network Security

An entrepreneur and thought leader in the world of digital technology and email security.

Thierry LeVasseur's Bio:

Thierry LeVasseur is a Vancouver based tech entrepreneur and industry leader in digital security and communication management. He began his 25 year career in the digital landscape by focusing on digital security for business communication. His body of work addresses key issues of today: from digital security to threaded related email conversations. Prior to building his career in Vancouver, he studied economics at the University of Quebec. He went on to earn three masters degrees, including: an MBA from the University of Ottawa, and two international business masters degrees from Northeastern University, Boston, and the Reims Graduate Business School in France. With tools from his extensive education, Thierry LeVasseur pursued a career as an entrepreneur in the tech industry. He developed corporate Intranet programs and websites for internal company use and expanded digital communication within companies. Intranet programs are internal and closed portals for companies to engage in day-to-day work with maximum security for their private information. Vulnerability for this data is crucial for all companies, as the data is highly sensitive. This began LeVasseur’s work into managing communication systems that deal with extranets, intranets and multi-channel communications systems. In addition to the enclosed systems he has developed for companies, Thierry LeVasseur has created key innovations that have reshaped Internet e-mailing systems. He has focused extensively on e-mail communications privacy tools which have been instrumental in business e-mail security. As information online is increasingly vulnerable, his innovations have looked to tackle issues of data vulnerability and hacking. He has patented a family of advances that work in conjunction with existing systems and strengthens their security functions. One tool allows recipients to review message information before even opening the message itself. This is crucial as many hackers and data miners try to access your information by getting recipients to open corrupted e-mail files. Thierry LeVasseur’s patents ensure security through transfer of e-mail messages through existing clients without having to change addresses, with tools that work with all major email clients such as Gmail and Outlook. This includes, “For your eyes only” features which prevent your unencrypted data being leaked. His devotion to email and inter-company communication security is reflected by his security based patented systems. His mission as an entrepreneur has always been to incorporate cutting-edge technology with security over the Internet and within communications channels. LeVasseur has created websites, secure corporate Intranet portals and extranets for commercial, governmental and non-profit clients. Recently, Thierry has been instrumental in the start-up world, providing cloud-based content management for multi-channel communication.

Thierry LeVasseur's Education:

  • Reims Management School / ESC Reims

    CEFA, Business
  • University of Ottawa

    MBA, Business

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